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thanks for stopping by FB Visual song... your photos are great but I ahve a long way to go before I can produce such work... need far better camera. when in Prague, drop me a line.

leave AGE link below...am in LinkedIn--
Rene Brogli(non-registered)
Nice pictures, your new job?

Just learned that you are presently in Europe. Come see us when you get a chance.
April Flick(non-registered)

You have captured so much beauty. I can look at your images all day long and feel a swelling in my heart and soul. You are a true artist and have a wonderful selection of outstanding images. Thank you for sharing your talent and for pleasing of our eyes, hearts and souls.

April Flick
Barbara Lang(non-registered)
Hallo liebe Dan
Ich han ja gar nöd gwüsst, dass du so guet chasch fötele!
Super Bilder!
Liebi Grüess us dä Schwiiz
Christian Tom Salvan(non-registered)
Great stuff Dan!!!!
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